Beck Capital Management provides a range of fee-based investment management services, including portfolio management and financial, retirement & estate planning.  We are based in Austin, Texas and serve clients worldwide. At the outset of each new relationship, we conduct a very thorough assessment of our client’s current financial position as it relates to income, taxation and family considerations.  We review current portfolio holdings, complete a full risk assessment and discuss goals for income and capital appreciation.

For institutions, we seek to add value by offering unique investment vehicles to help meet the institution’s special needs.

How We’re Different:

We believe we are different from other investment firms in many significant ways.  In contrast to large brokerage firms who fit clients into pre-designed portfolios for ease of management, all of our client portfolios are custom built and actively managed.  We sometimes “partner” with clients who seek to be involved in the management of their funds, communicating and sharing research ideas frequently.  Other clients desire a more “hands off” relationship, checking in with us as their schedule allows.  It all depends on how our client would like to work with us.  In this way, we truly are client focused.

In contrast to many other independent investment management and wealth advisory firms, we are trained as analysts and portfolio managers, not salespeople.  Many other advisory firms were founded by individuals who left large brokerage firms and took their clients with them.  We see their main function as gathering assets and passing those assets along to others for management, all the while charging a fee.  In effect, they are the “middleman”.

We believe this passive role is their means to reduce investment risk to their firm.  The layering of fees in this situation means that client assets must achieve a high rate of return simply to overcome the headwind of multiple fees.  Our firm actively manages all of our own client portfolios, thereby avoiding “fee layering”.  We are directly accountable for the performance of our client portfolios and helping our clients achieve their target rate of return.  If our clients have a question about a position in their portfolio, they can call us directly and receive an answer.  We don’t need to check with an outside firm.  We know what we own, and why.

High Net-Worth Individuals

Beck Capital Management - Financial Advisor Services

For high net-worth individuals and families, we offer a comprehensive menu of portfolio management services, which again, are tailored to the specific needs of the client.  Typically, a financial plan is designed at the outset, with an after-tax investment return goal as the primary output.

While we focus on individual equities, fixed income, and alternative vehicles, we also manage portfolios that hold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Bottom line: We build client portfolios seeking to achieve each client’s investment return goal.  Our clients have a range of tolerance for risk and volatility.  Risk and volatility is always at the forefront of our thinking.  When we err, we prefer to do so with an eye to wealth preservation, seeking to reduce risk when we perceive increasing market volatility or fundamental company change.


Beck Capital Management - Financial Advisor Services

For institutions, such as companies with 401(k) and defined contribution plans, we seek to add value by offering additional options to the standard line up of mutual funds.

These options are typically fixed income alternative investment vehicles where we have conducted thorough due diligence.  In fact, one differentiating factor for BCM is our 10-plus years of expertise in fixed income alternative investments.  We also use fixed income alternatives for corporations with defined benefit plans and short-term cash investment needs.

For trusts and endowments, we offer a menu of portfolio management options, much the same as those for high net-worth individuals.  We believe that we understand the unique needs of endowments, especially as they relate to wealth preservation and risk aversion.  Further, we are experienced in working with Boards of Directors who oversee the results of investment managers as they seek to achieve an organization’s funding needs.