Frank Beck is the President and Chief Investment Officer at Beck Capital Management, an investment management firm based in Austin, Texas.

Bonds Are A “Return-free Risk”

We continue to view the bond market as a “return-free risk”.  It is a very crowded trade, as institutions and individuals have fled what they perceive as riskier equity assets, for what they believe is solid income generated by bonds.  Yet, with yields as low as they are today, it only takes a small move down in bond prices to wipe out…

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Market View April 2016: 2nd Quarter Outlook

The stock market started off the year exceptionally weak, with all major market indexes down double digit percentages going into the low on February 11. We believe much of the weakness was due to selling by foreign sovereign wealth funds, where the related country’s fiscal budget is heavily affected by the price of crude oil.

Market View January 2016

2015 is now in the books and hopefully the year was personally more rewarding than what the stock markets provided. Markets around the world were down in 2015; many had double digit losses. The NYSE Composite Index was down 6.4% for the year. The beginning of 2016 has not been rewarding either. In fact, the…

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Sector Rotation

We first use a fundamental approach to identify sectors of the U.S. and international economies which likely have a significant advantage or disadvantage in the current environment.  Simply eliminating unfavorable sectors and diversifying among the rest is usually a better strategy than simply investing in the index(es).  The beauty of the approach is being wrong…

Market Insights - Financial Advisors - Austin TX - Beck Capital Management

Market View January 2014

I am not sure anyone saw such a good 2013 coming with the headwinds we faced at the beginning of the year when we endured the largest tax hike, a sequestration, a D.C. argument about the fiscal cliff and risked default on our debt service, a possible war in the Middle East along with the…