Frank Beck is the President and Chief Investment Officer at Beck Capital Management, an investment management firm based in Austin, Texas.

Market View July 2018: Pathway to Growth

U.S. GDP, just reported, grew at 4.1% in the 2nd quarter and has averaged 3.1% for the past four quarters. The tax cuts, repatriation, and more friendly business environment has business and consumer confidence at the highest levels in 20 years. The result has been a recent surge in capex spending among businesses small and large.

As the employment rate has surged, resulting in more jobs than job applicants, business has begun to turn to productivity investment. These, along with concerns of debt and trade deficits are the topics for this quarter’s Market View. More significantly, these will be the theme for our investing over the next few months to years.

Bonds Are A “Return-free Risk”

We continue to view the bond market as a “return-free risk”.  It is a very crowded trade, as institutions and individuals have fled what they perceive as riskier equity assets, for what they believe is solid income generated by bonds.  Yet, with yields as low as they are today, it only takes a small move down in bond prices to wipe out…