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Beck Capital Management is an SEC-registered investment manager serving high net-worth individuals, family offices, endowments, trusts, corporations and pension plan sponsors. We design custom portfolios that seek each client’s target rate of return, commensurate with the tolerance for volatility. We have a fiduciary duty to our clients and are fee-based.  We believe we are different from other investment management firms in many significant ways. Learn more.

Our predecessor firm was founded in 1997, specializing in investment management and tax planning for high net-worth individuals. Over time, we have grown our capabilities in original research and portfolio management. Our three investment committee professionals have over 75 years of combined finance and investment experience. Our macro-economist holds a PhD from Stanford University and held positions on the President’s Council of Economic Advisors and at the Federal Reserve. Learn more

We start with a macro-economic “30,000 foot view” that incorporates industry-sector developments, secular trends, money flows, monetary policies and news events.  We then follow with a rigorous, repeatable, data-based research process designed to uncover the best managed business within their respective industry groups.  Further, we believe that simply avoiding the weakest sectors of the market adds meaningfully to performance. Learn more

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Fed Chair Janet Yellen Has A Serious Communications Problem

‘You don’t tell the markets anything. You just implement policy — slowly and smoothly.” That was the communication policy of late Fed Chairman William McChesney Martin (1906-1998), as recalled by finance professor Lewis Spellman of the University of Texas at Austin. Spellman, who worked at the Fed during the Johnson administration, remembers Martin vividly and…


China’s Growth Slowing For All The Right Reasons

China’s growth may be slowing, but it’s for all the right reasons. U.S stocks on Thursday kicked off the start of October with losses, after nosediving last month as investors worried about slowing growth in China. True, the growth rate of the world’s second largest economy has declined from over 10% in past years to…


Beck Capital Management - Frank Beck

Frank Beck On KVUE-TV Austin – August 24, 2015

On Monday, August 24 the Dow Industrials closed down 588 points on fears over the effect of recent Chinese currency devaluation. Unlike many on Wall Street, Frank Beck saw the market’s decline as a very attractive buying opportunity. Watch the video for his comments on KVUE-TV.



Market View – April 2017

Since the November election, the media, investors and the public have been focused on the reform agenda in Washington. We believe the economy has a real opportunity to accelerate once Congress makes meaningful progress


January 2017 Market View

Market View – January 2017

The 115th Congress is seated and the new Administration will take office in several days. We believe fiscal policy changes will provide significant investment opportunities, but selectivity will be necessary as there will be winners and losers.


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